TF 3000 Flashlight | Top Rechargeable Flashlights With LOW PRICE !

TF 3000 Flashlight | Top Rechargeable Flashlights With LOW PRICE !
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TF3000 Flashlight: With Lumify Flashlight


TF3000 Flashlight brings to mind the heavy and bright lights carried by hunters, campers, tourist or security guards. If you are habitual to take a torch everywhere and going hiking, camping or taking hunting trips, you would be familiar with this type of flashlight. This flashlight normally uses by police officers, firemen and military people use tactical flashlights on a regular basis.  It is a totally adjustable table and pocket-friendly source to reaching out everywhere and very helpful light to find out any object in a blackout area.


This intense spotlight for long-range observation can up to 600 feet, circle flood light for large area lustrous.


TF3000 Flashlight is one of the best handy tools you should it with you as you may need them anytime, anywhere and in any type of situation. From finding a dropped key in the yard to locating things in poor lighting situations flashlights are of invaluable help.





TF3000 Flashlight is made from aircraft aluminum, making it both resistant to wear and tear while being light enough to be carried everywhere. It easier for manufacturers to design lights that is efficient, brighter and smaller than other portable lights. A flexible wire light can reach into tight and narrow spaces. This type of light is useful when you are looking for leaks or checking wiring inside a wall.


  • Most modern standard-sized flashlights have adjustable heads and adjustable beams.
  • A miniature bulb in which krypton gas is used to increase the light output up to 70% more than a standard bulb.
  • A special shock resistant plastic or rubber housing prevents damage to your torch caused by shocks.
  • This unique twist of the head smoothly transitions the beam between a spotlight and floodlight.
  • It Offers high-performance lighting mechanisms makes for a strategic and useful self-defense weapon.
  • It is useful for finding out your destination while you are going for the big target on the border then it will help to search the way and will protect yourselves.



Simple Operation structure TF3000 Flashlight:


  1. ON/OFF:


  • If you want to off this flash light then you need to press and hold the side switch for few second to turn it on.
  • When the light on, press and hold the side switch for 0.5 seconds to turn it on.


  1. Output selection:


  • With the light on, you need to single-click the side switches to cycle through ECO->MID->HIGH-> TURBO.


  1. Lock-out Function:


  • Lock: When the light is off and unlocked, double-click the side switch in 0.5 seconds, the light will blink twice at mid and then go out, indicating the light is locked.
  • Unlock: When the light is off and locked, double-click the side switch in 0.5 seconds, the light will be unlocked and power on the last used output level.


  1. Low-voltage Warning Function:


  • If voltage level drops below the preset level, the flash will go down to lower brightness level.
  • When this happens in low output mode, the flashlight blinks many times every to remind that you need charge the light or replace the battery.
  • To ensure normal use, the flashlight will not turn off automatically and will work until the over-discharge function stops the battery from working.


Where to common uses?


  • It is house hold light that can be used in-house in common work.
  • It is also valuable in military, army as well self-defense.
  • It is used by electrician and engineers at the workshop.



There are various functions to operate together:


  • Case: it is the bottom part of the flashlight, including the batteries and lamp (bulb).
  • Switch: it is the part of upper made in the shape of a circle, it also operate any other function with itself. The flow of the electricity is activated when you push the switch into the ON position, giving you light. The flow of electricity is broken when the switch is pushed into the OFF position, thus turning off the light.
  • Reflector: A plastic part, covered with a shiny aluminum layer that rests around the lamp and redirects the light rays from the lamp to allow a steady light beam, which is the light you see emitting from the flashlight.
  • Lens: the lance is important of part of this light and that can protect the lamp since the lamp is made of glass and can easily be broken.




  • This is zoomable – or focusable – flashlight allows the choice of four brightness levels.
  • Works for Floodlight at the range of wide beam angle of 81 degrees.
  • Work for Spotlight at the range of wide beam angle of 340 meters.
  • Totally protected against dust and foreign objects.
  • A strong twist of the head smoothly transitions the beam between a spotlight and floodlight.
  • Intelligent overheat protection to avoid high surface temperature.




  • Superior strength
  • Ultra tough, extra durable
  • Useful for military
  • Water resistance
  • Light weight




TF3000 Flashlight is compact design with different features. The entire unit is constructed from aircraft aluminum, making it both lightweight and strong enough to withstand even the toughest environments. one of the key features that make this flash light stand out in relation to its competitors is its ability to focus and defocus the light.

This flashlight is much better as compare to other lights at 1000 lumen it one of the brightest and longest lasting torches in the market.